Assistant Manager at Gearhead Outfitters

Ashlyn Cornell

Job Opportunity at Gearhead Outfitters in Plaza Frontenac

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Full Time
Posted Wed, May 19
Ashlyn Cornell


The Assistant Manager is self-motivated, and has shown the ability to keep other teammates on-task through the day. In addition to the responsibilities described below, the assistant manager also functions as a sales associate on the sales floor, and is responsible for all the duties associated with that position.


  • Responsible for the store, all guests, and all teammates in the absence of the store manager.
  • Comfortable with all of the responsibilities of the store manager, specifically managing and leading the team daily, and dealing with any issues that arise involving guests, teammates, vendors, or any other individuals that come into the store.
  • Responsible for writing a daily to-do list and assigning tasks to specific teammates, and keep those teammates motivated and on-task throughout the day.
  • Assign teammates additional jobs if all of the tasks on the daily project list are completed quickly.
  • If store manager is absent, the Assistant Manager is responsible for opening and closing duties, preparing the deposit, taking inventory, writing and submitting fill-in orders to the replenishment buyer, special orders, and pulling product from other locations.
  • Communicate with the store manager on a daily basis.
  • Contact the Store Manager at the earliest convenience to communicate any issues that arise with teammates, guests, or vendors – if the Store Manager is unavailable, the Assistant Manager should contact the Director of Operations if immediate assistance is required.