Retail Sales Associate at Gearhead Outfitters

Ashlyn Cornell

Job Opportunity at Gearhead Outfitters in Plaza Frontenac

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Part Time
Posted Fri, May 14
Ashlyn Cornell

A sales associate is a full-time or part-time position. This position is an entry level position that does not require any prior retail experience. All teammates are hired with the expectations of providing exemplary customer service, self-initiating and completing tasks, self-educating, supporting leadership and acting as a team player. 


  • Ensures that exemplary customer satisfaction is the first priority. 
  • Greet every guest as they enter the store and be attentive to every guest. 
  • Always express excitement to be involved with guests and seek out guests to help. 
  • Strive to build a relationship with the guests you are helping. 
  • Always be aware of the activity on the sales floor and be aware of what guests have already been helped. Keep an eye on the register and don’t let guests wait at the register to be checked out. 
  • Know how to pull product with a reason and offer a variety of Gearhead Outfitters services to the guest throughout the sale. 
  • Have favorite products to show guests, but don’t limit to sales to only products you personally prefer. 
  • Ring up your guests and encourage future visits. 
  • Always be in presentation or preparation mode and always be working on the to-do list day to day operations. 
  • Initiate new tasks and always complete a task you have started. 
  • Be attentive and act with a sense of urgency. 
  • Always be ready to learn about current and new products and be open to all product in the store. 
  • Be self-educating on the current and new brands. 
  • Make yourself available for training opportunities that arise throughout the day.  

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